Our offers - Supply of plant materials

Replacement of wild-grafted plant materials with limited availability

Certain plant raw materials which are collected in the wild might be difficult to obtain in the market, because
1. the available quality is unacceptable,
2. the collection is restricted by national or international regulations (e.g. CITES),
3. the available volumes are not sufficient or
4. the available material is too expensive.

breeding botanicals international (bbi) undertakes to develop cropping systems and to grow / cultivate such plant materials on contract, exempting you from the sword of Damocles named «Out-of-stock».

For bbi’s current cultivation list see chapter «Our plant materials».

Identity preserved production of bioactive plants

The agronomical and phytochemical quality of bioactive plant material is affected by a large number of genetic and environmental factors. Qualitative identity of a given plant material can only be preserved if the production (i.e. cultivation) follows a defined, standardized production protocol and if genetically defined planting material is employed.

bbi compiles crop-specific guidelines (Standard Operation Practices = SOPs) for the manufacturing of plant raw materials. These SOP’s allow a control of the major impact factors during field production and subsequent post-harvest treatments, and thus result in an identity preserved production of the corresponding plant material (see also chapter «Production and supply of plant Material»).

breeding botanicals international (bbi) addresses the importance and complexity of identity preservation in bioactive plants and leads you through the thicket of influencing factors.